Postpuncher post driver

Designed, manufactured and distributed by Chalke Valley Engineering, Postpuncher is a unique and highly innovative post driver made to the highest quality standards using British products and Finnish steel.

Postpuncher was inspired by a desire to improve versatility and safety in the post driving market. Traditional post drivers can only be operated from the rear of a tractor and incorporate a potentially dangerous exposed driving weight.

At Chalke Valley Engineering we recognised that many of today’s farmers and contractors had a requirement for a safer post driver that could be mounted on telehandlers, loadalls, back hoes, mini excavators and skidsteers. With its enclosed driving weight and universal mounting option, Postpuncher has met and exceeded these demands.

"The most versatile, effective and durable post driver in the world. We are proud of our product and its impeccable safety record. There is nothing like it on the market today."


The Postpuncher range has been designed with a number of groundbreaking features including:

- A bright steel driving weight enclosed in a steel tube to allow safe operation in any conditions. This design meets the 2013 regulations regarding post driving machines.

- A forward mounted capability. Postpuncher can be fitted to any tractor front end loader, telehandler, excavator, skidsteer or back hoe. Operators have found forward mounting to be the preferred option; it allows them to work more quickly.

- Postpuncher allows operators to drive posts in at angles of 45º and upward. Other postdriver designs are not this versatile.

- Postpuncher can be mounted on a hedge cutter. Only Postpuncher can be fitted to a hedge cutter.

- Postpuncher has a long reach; it can be operated on slopes, in woods, over hedges, on river banks and over ditches.

- Postpuncher is compact, it can be used in dense woodland and tight spaces.

- Postpuncher exceeds expectations, skilled operators have found they can even extract wrongly positioned posts with the heavy gauge postpuncher tube.

- Skilled operators can erect fences with a one man team having found ways of using Postpuncher to pick up and position each post without the need for an assistant to load the machine.

Postpuncher is manufactured from thick high-grade steel, it is incredibly robust, almost unbreakable.


Deer and Game
River Management
Fencing Contractors
Local Authorities
Environment Agencies
Soft Fruit Farming
Hire Centres


PP2 - drives in posts up to 200mm (8 inches). It has a driving weight of 105kg

PP2M - drives in posts up to 200mm (8 inches). It has a driving weight of 85kg

PPD- drives in posts up to 200mm (8 inches). It has a driving weight of 85kg

PP3 - drives in posts up to 280mm (11 inches). It has a driving weight of 200kg


Chalke Valley Engineering manufactures frames to suit the needs of the individual customer. Frames can be fitted with manual or hydraulic left or right tilt mechanism.


We can also make special attachments to allow for SQUARE POSTS.


We sell to Fencing Contractors, Environment Agencies, Equestrian, Country Estates, Farmers, Forestry, Landscape Gardeners, Local Authority, Plant Hire, Deer Farmers, Smallholders and anyone else who has a need for a safe, versatile and robust postdriver.

Wildlife solutions from Suddenstrike Ltd Steve Wilkinson, MD.

"Your machine and service are of the highest quality and I would demonstrate this machine to anybody and would recommend your service, company and product to anyone who would listen."

Mr R. S. Priest

‘Put a 10.5" post in without any trouble at all’ with his PP3. ‘If you have any one that wants to see the 'beast' working, I am only too happy to show them !!’

Mr Tim Somervell

‘Thank you very much for the PP2 you supplied to me this month. It is a great success and has speeded up, the putting up of paddocks for summer grazing at Coombe Grove. Even got the seal of approval from my wife! She could just keep up placing the posts out.’

Trevor Coffen (Fencing Contractor)

‘What makes this machine different from it's competitors is it's simplicity, and that the machine needs little maintenance.’, says Trevor Coffen, who has been in the industry twenty seven years.

‘The machine can be used by one man on his own or by two men. No outside operation is needed as everything is done by the machine driver. Nothing is exposed and is therefore safer. Most machines have the weight on the outside of the machine but with the weight on the inside, it is much safer. It is more difficult to get hurt’ ,says Trevor, who has nothing but praise for the machine.


Based in Dorset, Chalke Valley Engineering is in the business of designing innovative products for a growing and sophisticated market that requires efficiency and labour saving ideas.

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